It was exciting to tweet that because it is exciting! Now that we can add significant features to Drupal in minor releases it’s a new world.

Certainly you know how much work goes into building a large open-source project like Drupal. Probably you also know that some of this work happens in sprints. It follows logically that we will be sprinting again at DrupalCon next week in Baltimore. And we are. Here’s the thing:

We need your help.

“We” as in “the Drupal community”, or “we” as in “Drupal itself”, need your help.

There are about 500 untriaged major bugs in Drupal core right now. Triage in this context is the process of evaluating an issue to determine things like: Is this still a bug? For an eloquent description of the issue triage and its importance, see the following:

If you read the articles above, you learned that major triage sprints have been great successes with over 200 issues assessed in 2016. I have led a few triage sprints before and I plan to do it again in Baltimore. First-time sprinters are encouraged to participate. Sprint mentors are needed too. Please join us.